We have the finest restoration facility in the New York metropolitan area. Our technicians restore pianos to the exact specification of when they were new. We use all the same original parts as the manufacturer did originally. We use only authentic Steinway parts in their pianos.

We use whatever the best parts that are available for any of the manufacturers that are no longer in business. Any parts that we cannot find or that are not manufactured we manufacture ourselves so that the completely restored finished piano looks, sounds, and feels just the way it was when originally built.


In addition to installing new custom-made strings for our pianos we can manufacture new pin blocks and either repair or replace sounding boards and bridges.


We do the finest piano refinishing anywhere. After stripping the cabinet to its raw wood we do whatever repairs necessary to the cabinet including replacing missing veneer. Carvings that are missing can be duplicated and then the case is finished with as many as 14 coats of lacquer sanded between coats and hand-rubbed either to a satin or a high polish finish. We two-tone many of our cabinets as they were done originally and we always use the appropriate name board decal. In addition correct rubber, felt or leather bumpers and wooden lid buttons are installed.