About Us

We are the oldest piano dealer on Long Island, and the only one with a fully-equipped rebuilding and refinishing shop on premises.

Steinway, Knabe, Mason & Hamlin, and every other fine brand in a complete selection of styles, details, woods and colors are in stock for you to see today.

Our beautifully restored vintage pianos surpass any other.

We have leasing plans and party rentals available.

Great article from May-June 2014 in Gold Coast Magazine

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We made our reputation with the largest collection of both brand new, and flawlessly restored vintage uprights, consoles, baby grands, grands, and player pianos.

You'll see, as well, how our unsurpassed guarantee and price allow you to own the kind of quality and luxury that no one else can offer.

We believe that vintage pianos are works of art, and aim to restore their original appearance, sound, and historical character. We preserve and repair as much as possible of the original action, ivory keys, soundboard, case, and all other components of the piano.

We do not discard decorative elements, even if they serve no function. Unfortunately, some of our competitors' idea of restoration means discarding the ivory keyboard and replacing it with plastic keys (claiming that the ivory is damaged and discolored, and therefore unsalvageable, which is not true), stripping the original finish and pouring on a thick gloss, entirely replacing the soundboard and hammers...so you wind up with an antique shell with modern "guts."

New is not always better, and does not mean that the piano will last longer or have a better tone. We recognize the value of pianos from the heyday of American piano manufacturing, and strive to return them to their original glory.