We can supply any of the thousands of parts that make up a piano, either new and vintage. With new pianos we can order directly from the manufacturer whether it is a Steinway or an imported brand, or we can fabricate parts for vintage pianos that are unavailable elsewhere.

We have a complete machine shop and finishing shop on the premises, so there is no part, whether a mechanical part or a cabinet, that we cannot duplicate.


We also have the largest selection of rare and unique benches anywhere. In addition to the hundreds of specialty benches we have, we also have new benches in every furniture period, style, and finish. We also have available large selection of adjustable concert benches.


We can supply any of the hundreds of piano lamps available.

Ivory Key restoration

We have a unique process for the restoration of authentic ivory keys. Keys can be shipped to us and we can either replace the ivory on individual keys to match the rest of the keyboard or we can repair chips and cracks in keys. We also re-glue loose ivory as well as total restoration of the keyboard which can include sanding and polishing the ivory and installing new key bushings and key buttons.